About Us


We are the people that actually keep the party going.

We are a retail company that specializes in supplying entertainment entities with the products that they need to continue running their  business.
We started this company to solve a pain that most entertainment companies have, finding reliable supplies consistently. Most clubs, parties, events etc have to bid for supplies in a never ending war of who has the most money. Which is why smaller businesses either overextend themselves early just to get in the game or never get what they need because they are out bid by bigger contenders.  Until now, we solve this problem by giving businesses of all shapes and sizes flexible quantity options to buy.

“Meaning no matter what size your business is you can get the party start with us without breaking the bank.”



We have varied shipping option to meet our customers needs. From express shipping to ground we have a shipping plan that will give you the best value. Be sure to check your email for updates.

Great Prices

We have prices that offer you the most value for your money. We pride ourselves on providing the best deals for our customers because we understand the cost of doing business.

Premium Online Support

We understand that issue arise and that customers need help when these problems when they happen. We will help you with any discrepancies regarding your order.